About the ASOIXIL Founders and Directors

Hermanos ASOIXIL
Left to right:
Gaspar Rigoberto Caba Gallego: Director of Communications
Manuel Laynez Anay: General President and legal representative
Henry Escobar Caba: Vice President and Agronomist
Noé Olegario Santiago Caba: Director of Finance CPA

The photo is taken on the steps of the Catholic Church in Chajul, Guatemala. During the childhood of these four young men, this church was occupied by the government army which committed atrocities against the civilian population.

About Manuel Laynez Anay, General President and legal representative of ASOIXIL

Manuel Jacket
The dream of a Maya Ixil farmers’ co-op started with childhood friends: born during a civil war, fear and hunger were the everyday experiences of their childhood. In childhood games they organized their friends to create jobs, and provide food for hungry children and old people. They dreamed and planned to make opportunities that their parents did not have.

When he was 8 years old, Manuel Laynez’ mother gave him a piglet. He raised the pig and sold it. With the profit he bought 4 more pigs. Manuel’s pig business paid for his school tuition and began the path toward his vision of a farmer co-op. Twenty years later Manuel was a university student studying Business Administration. He walked 22 miles through the mountains to catch a bus that took him to Antigua, Guatemala where he had a scholarship for a conversational English Program. His instructor in that program and Bright Star Philanthropy Partners became the catalysts that helped bring to reality the dreams of childhood into a Non Profit Association of 99 farm families: the Association of Farmers for the Social Development of the Maya Ixil.

About the Photo: The type of jacket featured here is unique to this community of Maya Ixil. It is woven on a backstrap loom and takes months to weave the fabric for a jacket.

Written by Janet Bourque, Bright Star Philanthropy Partners

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