Visiting Lima, Visa in Hand

Dear prayer team, Thank you so much for your prayers! I’m excited to share that I now have a visa, allowing me to continue my work here! This has been a long process requiring three cross-country trips, so it’s a … Continue reading

From Remote Villages to the Largest Farmers Market

Dear Prayer Team, Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your prayers. The visits to the remote villages to share hot chocolate, Christmas bread, and the Good News all went really well. Thank you for praying for our safety. … Continue reading

Christmas Bread, Hot Chocolate, and the Good News

Dear prayer team, Thank you for your prayers! I am so grateful for all of you. Christmas is a busy, stressful time in North America. How can I pray for you? You can email me at Yesterday I traveled … Continue reading

Feeling Better

Hello Prayer Team, Thanks for your prayers! I’m really glad to report that I’m feeling better these recent days. I was able to talk with both of my parents on Thanksgiving, spent some time with my Quechua family, and celebrated … Continue reading

Addendum: Holiday Blues

Hello prayer team,   Thank you so much for your prayers. In addition to the update I put out on Friday, I would also like to share that recently I have been feeling a bit blue. I think it’s related … Continue reading

Six Months Already

Hello Prayer Team, Thank you for your prayers! These past few weeks have gone by so quickly, as I worked with the team in preparing the formal project proposal for the Panao Quechua Old Testament translation. (While my personal Wycliffe … Continue reading

Back from Brazil

Hello Prayer Team! Thanks so much for your prayers. It’s hard to believe that two weeks have already passed, and I’m back from Brazil. Terry and Karla Smith and Asbury Church from Alabama also had a wonderful time doing the … Continue reading

Off to Brazil!

Hello prayer team! Thank you for your prayers. I’m writing this from the airplane that is taking me to Brazil for an intensive training workshop for translation consultants. While I studied just a bit of Portuguese for the trip, I’m … Continue reading

Connected at last!

Hello prayer team, Thank you for your prayers. I am delighted to inform you that after 81 days of living in my apartment in Huánuco, as of today I now have home internet! I am very grateful for this privilege, … Continue reading

A praise report, slightly overdue

Dear prayer partners, Thank you for your prayers. First, a testimony and praise report, slightly overdue: A prayer partner commented on my last post and helped me realize that I forgot to share a testimony from my time of ankle … Continue reading

Walking Without Crutches!

Dear prayer team, Thank you for your prayers. I am glad to report that last week the doctor told me to stop using crutches! It was the 45th day since my fall. Some more praises: I’m settling in well in … Continue reading

Running With Crutches

Dear Prayer Warriors, Thank you for your prayers! Two weeks ago I entered the next phase of my Wycliffe ministry by moving to Huánuco. The night bus arrived safely and was pleasantly low-key. The day I arrived here I had … Continue reading

Off to Huánuco!

All my bags are packed and waiting at the bus terminal, and I’m ready to go to Huánuco tonight. Please pray for safety in the journey and strength for a long day on Friday: establishing a new residence and giving … Continue reading

Slight Injury; Prayer for Projects Nearing Completion

Hello Prayer Partners, Greetings again from Lima! My orientation is going so incredibly well here, and I feel blessed at every turn. Thank you so much for your prayers. There has been a recent challenge though. I would like to … Continue reading

It’s Happening!!!

Greetings from SeaTac Airport! Praise! All my bags are packed and I am in the plane, ready to go. Praise also for an amazing Alaska rep who got me through security when a delay made it look like I might … Continue reading

One Week Left!

Dear prayer team, As I write this, I have one week and 20 minutes before my flight departs! By the time you see this, I will have less than a week left. God has been good! I’ve made a lot … Continue reading

Update From El Sauzal

Dear Prayer Team, Thank you so much for your prayers! Here are some updates: I made it safe and sound to Mexico- the last stop in my “Farewell Tour.” Over the past ten years, I have spent a total of … Continue reading

Traveling in California & Mexico

Dear prayer partners, Greetings from California! I give thanks to God for this present chance to spend time with some dear relatives that I haven’t seen in very many years. Thanks so much for your prayers! The days are speeding … Continue reading

17 Days Here, 17 There, & Then I’m Gone!

Dear prayer team, Can you believe, there are only 34 days left before I move to Peru! Many of you have been praying for me to reach this point for years, and now it is about to happen! Thank you … Continue reading

Back from Gresham, Oregon

Dear prayer team, Thank you so much for your prayers! Last weekend’s drive down to Gresham, OR and time with family and ministry partners went splendidly. I have now said goodbye to a number of aunts, uncles, cousins, and all … Continue reading

Back from Boise, Going to Gresham

Hello prayer team! I praise God for a very wonderful and meaningful time in Boise as I said goodbye to many family members and experienced the great blessing of being commissioned by Parkview Christian Church. Truly they made me feel … Continue reading

Ticket in Hand! Six Cities in 60 Days

Hello Prayer Team! Incredible news: I have my one-way ticket to Peru! I depart on May 17th for a whole new world. To God be the glory! Here is the very latest, from my newsletter that just rolled off the … Continue reading

ICC- I wouldn’t be the same missionary without it!

Hello Prayer Team! It’s incredible to think that five weeks have already gone by, and that the Intercultural Communications Course in North Carolina is over. Today I am flying back to Seattle to begin the process of packing up and … Continue reading

Improved Energy Levels; Road Trip Coming

Hello Prayer Team! Greetings from the Intercultural Communications Course here in North Carolina. Incredible that I’m more than half way through my time here. Here is the latest. Praise! • For all of you! I just added the latest members … Continue reading

Special Update: Fighting the Flu

Hello prayer team! Here is a special update.    In 2014 I fell sick while in rural Guatemala. I posted a prayer request on Facebook, and to the amazement of my Mayan colleagues, I made a startlingly quick recovery. I … Continue reading

ICC Starting Off Well!

Dear prayer warriors, Greetings from sunny and brisk North Carolina! Thank you for all of your prayers for me and my Wycliffe ministry. My ICC training at JAARS (our partner organization) is going quite well. Praises: For a wonderful first … Continue reading

Off to North Carolina

Hello Prayer Team, Greetings from the Seatac Airport! In case you haven’t already heard, I have some great news – my Wycliffe ministry is fully funded! Praise be to God. Thank you to all of you, who prayed so earnestly.  … Continue reading

Not Going Alone!

Dear prayer team, Greetings from Langley, BC, Canada! Thank you for helping me start this year off at such an incredible pace! Ever since the holidays ended, God has been opening doors. Praises! For one more Christmas and New Years … Continue reading

No Specialists Needed!

Dear prayer warriors, Thank you for your prayers. They are making a difference! These past weeks have been characterized by an improvement in my energy levels and ability to concentrate on my work. Praises! For an impactful visit with my … Continue reading

Thankful this year for God, working through all of you!

Hello Prayer Team! As we come out of Thanksgiving weekend, I am so grateful for what you have done and continue to do for me. Thank you. Here is the latest! Praise! For the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with family … Continue reading