Leaving Peru, for now

I have just a few hours left before leaving Peru. While I was here I took close to 100 pages of notes, and tried to write down the names of everyone I met. I didn’t manage to get everyone’s name … Continue reading

Today was my first day of official Wycliffe membership

Today was my first day of official Wycliffe membership. It has been a long journey to get this far. Perhaps it started when I went to CanIL* in 2014. But no, before that I had several wonderful conversations with Wycliffe … Continue reading

Halfway Mark

Hello friends and family, Thank you for all of your prayers! It’s incredible to think that I am already halfway through my time in Peru! I had a wonderful time in Panao, meeting the veteran missionary couple, the local translators, … Continue reading

Halfway up the Andes

Greetings from Huanuco! I have some good news: My director and I made it safely to our current destination. While we didn’t cross over the Andes entirely, we certainly made it up a good ways- 6275 feet in altitude. The … Continue reading

Meeting a team tomorrow

Hello friends and family, Thank you so much for all of your prayers! Things are going really well here in Lima, the capital city of Peru. I am presently fairly well-rested, in good health, and my director Ed has also … Continue reading

Now in Lima!

Greetings from Lima! My trip to Peru went well. Here are some praises for today and the past week: • Despite the stress of travel preparations, I have been able to remain fairly peaceful. This is a huge praise item … Continue reading

Full Funding for Peru!

Hello friends and family, Thank you so much for your prayers! I am happy to announce that I have now hit full funding for my Peru trip! I asked for prayers for courage and confidence, and I have been feeling … Continue reading

Partnership Development Coming Along

Hello friends and family, Thank you for your prayers. I was feeling a bit anxious and down the other day, but I heard a great sermon that reminded me of my true identity in Christ: I am loved, and given … Continue reading

Partnership Development Beginning in Earnest!

Hello friends and family! Thank you so much for your prayers. Now that I have finished my last paper and returned from a Portland family visit, I can now begin my partnership development efforts in earnest for this October Peru visit. … Continue reading

Last MLE Paper Submitted!

Update: The last academic paper of my MLE program has now been submitted!!! Thank you so much for all of you who have prayed for me this week and over the many past months as I worked to develop my … Continue reading

Let the writing begin!

Hello friends and family! Thank you so much for your prayers as I finish my last paper. Things are going well! While I did have some anxiety in coming up and starting, I was restored to peace through prayers- thank … Continue reading

Going Offline & Going to Peru!

Hello friends and family! Today I bought my tickets to Peru! I will be gone from October 15th through November 6th as I travel the country and meet many teams. Thank you to everyone who has given towards my trip! … Continue reading

Feels like I’m juggling!

Hello friends and family, I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my last post. Part of that is due to business but also I feel that some spiritual warfare is picking up again- that is one thing that kept … Continue reading

33% raised already!

Hello friends and family, I am so encouraged to share the news that already 33% of my needs for my Peru trip have been raised!  I really feel quite blessed. Today I will be working on my partnership development and … Continue reading

Truck is back! Things wrapping up nicely…

Hello family and friends, In Friday’s newsletter I requested prayer for my truck’s repair bill. Not only did the mechanic keep the bill way under budget, but he also got it done really quickly! This has been a large blessing. Thank … Continue reading

In good health; studies concluding; time flying by!

Hello friends and family, I can scarcely believe that it’s already been a full week since my last update! Since I last wrote I have been quite busy. I had the chance to do some paid work on the house … Continue reading

Today: The Last Official Day of my Program

Wow, the date has come. Friday August 12th, officially the last day of my Master’s program. A tremendous thank you to everyone who has carried me this far! I am also so grateful to God for taking me on this … Continue reading

I Passed Comps!

Hello friends and family, Thank you to everyone who prayed for me during my comprehensive exam. It was quite intense and fatiguing, but I prepared well, was ready, as well as had all of you praying for me and my … Continue reading

Comprehensive Exams Went Well!

Hello everyone! I think my comprehensive exams went really well. I finished in a reasonable amount of time, I feel good about my answers, and my hands, wrists, and arms didn’t flare up! Praise the Lord! And thank you for your … Continue reading

Comprehensive Exams Today!

Hello friends and family, Today is the big day! I start my Comprehensive Exam at 10:30 AM PST. As I will be typing intensely for up to four hours, please especially pray for wellness in my hands, wrists, and forearms. … Continue reading

Last Day Before Comps

Hello friends and family! Today is my last day before my Comprehensive Exams! I start at 10:30 AM tomorrow Friday, and will have up to four hours to complete the short-essay questions. Please pray that today would be another effective … Continue reading

Coast Nigh Clear for Comprehensive Exam Studying!

Hello friends and family, I am grateful and praising God for a productive week! I am currently ahead of schedule for my Principles of Translation course, with only one small assignment and about 75 pages of reading to do in … Continue reading

Praise for a productive weekend!

Hello friends and family, Last night I turned in my paper right on the deadline. It ended up being a tad bit short, so we’ll see how it goes. I may and try to submit a late lengthened copy. I … Continue reading

About 11 assignments left

Hello friends and family, It’s incredible to think that there are only about eight assignments left before finishing my degree. Most of them are for my Principles of Translation course, and one is my comprehensive exam. Two are the remaining … Continue reading

Physical therapy, & assignments to do

Hello friends and family, As of now, I haven’t heard back from the professor about the paper extension I requested, but am praying for the best. Praise report: I continue to find Scripture passages that are helping me to formulate my … Continue reading

Paper still in progress

Hello friends and family, Thank you so much for all of your prayers. Even though my new deadline for my current paper was for the end of Friday, it has become clear that I will still not be ready. This … Continue reading

Forward Motion

Hello friends and family, I just want to share my thanks for your prayers! I am encouraged by The huge reduction in spiritual opposition that I have been feeling these last two days The steps of progress I have made … Continue reading

Booked out!

Hello friends and family! Thank you so much for your prayers. Here is an update! Praise! Last weekend’s paper writing was incredibly productive. I started, wrote, and turned in an entire paper, and turned it in a couple of days … Continue reading

Paper-writing weekend!

Hello family and friends, Thank you so much for your prayers. The semester is well underway and I am learning a lot in my Principles of Translation course. I enjoy working with my classmate Ben, who speaks a regional language … Continue reading

Principles of Translation off to a good start

Hello friends and family, I had my first Principles of Translation class session on Friday, and spent all of today studying the material. I am also happy to report that my Kenyan classmate was able to make it on Thursday, … Continue reading