Two-way partnership!

Hello friends and family,  I must admit, I am not accustomed to blogging so much about myself, and asking for so many prayers!  I am glad to provide current prayer requests for my prayer partners. At the same time, I … Continue reading

I survived the hike! And other news.

On Saturday I hiked up Mount St Benedict, near Mission, B.C.  I went with three others, and at a fairly fast rate.  In spite of all my bike-riding, I was not as well-conditioned for that caliber of a hike as … Continue reading

The winds gather speed

Hi everyone,  Praise God I was able to finish my book, finally, last night! And today was the last of five class sessions. I have to do ten involved assignments, a significant reading report, and the term essay to finish … Continue reading

Class going well; still reading

Praise: class is going well! Prayer Request: I’m struggling to make time (“tame” time I kept typing by mistake!) for my studies outside of class this week. I even still have about 35 more pages of reading, never mind the essay … Continue reading

Good progress made today. Looking ahead.

Thank you everyone for your prayers- I was able to get a good chunk of reading done, in addition to some reflection on the first book. Tomorrow will be much of the same, with a bike ride to school to … Continue reading


Two good things happened today! 1. I was surprised by the generous gift of a relatively-new friend, resulting in my full-time funding status! 2. I finished reading one of my required readings, “The Problem of Pain,” by C.S. Lewis.  Tomorrow … Continue reading

Studying continues

Please pray that I would be able to get through my assigned readings quickly! I have 340 pages to read by next Monday- It should be quite doable, but life has a habit of sending many interruptions large and small, … Continue reading

A full day

Praises!  The computer run at church, though not perfectly executed, went really well. I received complements from the lead pastor.  I had one close call on the bike, but was kept from harm. Ran errands around town from noon to … Continue reading

First computer run at church

My first time running the computer at my church up here in Canada is today, with setup around 8 AM, The service starting at 10, and ending a bit after 11. I am using new software on a new platform … Continue reading

Praise: 80% funded!

Praise: Overall, I am 80% to being fully funded. This breaks down to 95% of my class tuition and 70% of my living expenses. That is a strong contrast from when I started at about 33% two weeks ago. Praise … Continue reading

Daily prayer requests coming

Hello friends and family, If you are reading this because of an email notification sent on Tuesday May 19th, this message is specifically for you! I encourage you to read this to prevent possible inbox-overflow! ☺ Starting soon, I will … Continue reading

Kitchen Inspiration: Alex’s Amazingly Tasty Amazingly Fast Tortilla Pizza

 Cooking time: Less than it takes for the delivery man to arrive! Ingredients:  Two large flour tortillas, trimmed to fit if necessary Some olive oil, sprinkled on lightly Some Medium Safeway Select Fire Roasted Salsa, spread thinly with a spoon … Continue reading

Interview Improvisation

As demonstrated in the story below, language surveyors usually encounter the unexpected, and must be flexible! This is not considered a problem- it is one of the aspects of surveying that makes it so joyful! “During the Pangwa survey in … Continue reading

Seeds Fundraiser 200% to goal! Thank you everyone!

Through all of your generosity via and other means, you have given a total of $2,046, which is over 200% of our goal of $1000! The extra funds will help to further equip the rural farmers and help additional … Continue reading

What do I want to see happen for my birthday? Let me explain:

What do I want to see happen for my birthday? Let me explain: These brothers of mine are genocide survivors. They have dedicated themselves fully the past two years to realizing their dream: Lifting rural Chajul, Guatemala, out of crushing … Continue reading


(Descripción debajo) Este fin de semana fuimos dos miembros de la iglesia y yo a visitar a Xalmolapa (pronunciado “Cham-o-la-pa”) con el fin de desarrollar amistades con la iglesia filial que está ahí. Xalmolapa es una comunidad agraria de aproximadamente … Continue reading


(Description below) This weekend two other church members and I went to visit Xalmolapa (pronounced “Chaam-o-la-pa”) to build relationships with a Free Methodist church plant there. Xalmolapa is an agrarian community of about 200 people, half way between Mexico City … Continue reading

Espera, ¿por qué ir hasta la Asia?

Espera, ¿qué sentido hay en incurrir tantos gastos para ir hasta Asia? ¿No sería mucho mejor hacer el entrenamiento en los Estados Unidos, o por Internet? Se podía mandar los ahorros a una organización sin ánimo de lucero. Esta entrada … Continue reading

Wait, Why All The Way to Asia?

Wait, why the big expense to go to Asia? Wouldn’t it be much better to have the training in the US or online, and send the savings to charity? This post is about my upcoming GSI event. That is a … Continue reading

Aquí disponible: ¡mi primero boletín!

¡Hola! Mi primero boletín ahora está disponible aquí en forma PDF! Todos los boletines siempre estarán disponibles por medio del menú desplegable, debajo de “conectase con Alex”. También quizá usted querrá ver mi primer álbum de fotos. Muchas gracias, Alex … Continue reading