A Year of Praises

Hello family and friends! Here are some answered prayers from my most recent prayer blog entry: I’ve been able to get more rest these past few days. I had a wonderful Christmas- even better than I had hoped for. I’m … Continue reading

Seeking Balance & Peace This Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s amazing that 2016 is almost over. I thank you for all of your prayers, and I praise God for all of His answers to prayer! As the Lord leads, please pray for me, as these past … Continue reading

Praise for Employment, Prayer for Peru

Hello family and friends! Thank you for all of your prayers! It is so good to be back home and seeing so many of you again. Thank you also for patiently waiting for my next prayer blog update! I am … Continue reading

Leaving Peru, for now

I have just a few hours left before leaving Peru. While I was here I took close to 100 pages of notes, and tried to write down the names of everyone I met. I didn’t manage to get everyone’s name … Continue reading

Today was my first day of official Wycliffe membership

Today was my first day of official Wycliffe membership. It has been a long journey to get this far. Perhaps it started when I went to CanIL* in 2014. But no, before that I had several wonderful conversations with Wycliffe … Continue reading

Halfway Mark

Hello friends and family, Thank you for all of your prayers! It’s incredible to think that I am already halfway through my time in Peru! I had a wonderful time in Panao, meeting the veteran missionary couple, the local translators, … Continue reading

Halfway up the Andes

Greetings from Huanuco! I have some good news: My director and I made it safely to our current destination. While we didn’t cross over the Andes entirely, we certainly made it up a good ways- 6275 feet in altitude. The … Continue reading

Meeting a team tomorrow

Hello friends and family, Thank you so much for all of your prayers! Things are going really well here in Lima, the capital city of Peru. I am presently fairly well-rested, in good health, and my director Ed has also … Continue reading

Now in Lima!

Greetings from Lima! My trip to Peru went well. Here are some praises for today and the past week: • Despite the stress of travel preparations, I have been able to remain fairly peaceful. This is a huge praise item … Continue reading

Full Funding for Peru!

Hello friends and family, Thank you so much for your prayers! I am happy to announce that I have now hit full funding for my Peru trip! I asked for prayers for courage and confidence, and I have been feeling … Continue reading