Wait, Why All The Way to Asia?

Wait, why the big expense to go to Asia? Wouldn’t it be much better to have the training in the US or online, and send the savings to charity? This post is about my upcoming GSI event. That is a … Continue reading

First Newsletter Available!

Hello! My first Newsletter is now available for download here in PDF! All of my newsletters will always be available via the drop-down menu, below “Connect with Alex.” You may also wish to see my first photo album. Thank you, … Continue reading

A Note to My Blog Subscribers:

Thank you for following my blog! This note applies to those who have put their email address in the white box on the right-hand side of my website; not to be confused with those who have opted to receive my … Continue reading

Thank You!

I am FULLY FUNDED for his four months in Mexico City! To everyone who has helped me with up-front support and continuing pledges, I can not thank you enough! … Continue reading