Big announcement: New platform for prayer updates!

Hello Prayer Team! From now on all prayer updates will be posted at You can make an account to view them now and start getting them emailed to you, or you can email me at to just start … Continue reading

Entering a Season of Travel

Dear prayer team, Thank you so much for your prayers! So much has happened. I can’t believe it’s been a month already, and I wish I could have updated you sooner. Praise God! I was able to get my Peruvian … Continue reading

Planning my first workshop, amidst computer woes

Dear prayer team, Thank you so much for your prayers! Praise: I was able to get a newsletter out! Not quite by when I had hoped, but it’s done nonetheless. I am glad that I had it done and scheduled … Continue reading

Three Bible Dedications Later

Dear prayer team, Thank you so much for your prayers! A cluster translation project involving several neighboring languages has completed, resulting a spurt of Bible dedications! It’s been an intense month of traveling, late nights, and big celebrations. My role … Continue reading

Answered Prayers

Dear prayer team, Thanks for your prayers! I asked you to pray for productive language and culture learning and warm and restful nights free of allergy symptoms while in the village. That very same night after posting the last update, … Continue reading

Back in the village, at last

Dear prayer team, Thanks so much for your prayers! I’m in Tipsa these weeks but bolted down to the city to run some errands today. Please join me in praising God: I recently returned from the jungle city of Pucallpa, … Continue reading

Is it urgent, or is it important?

Dear Prayer Team, Happy June! Can you believe we’re in the sixth month already? It feels like New Years Day was just a few weeks ago. Looking Back: I came back from my visit with colleagues on Monday. I’m grateful … Continue reading

Travels Tomorrow and Beyond

Dear Prayer Team, Thank you for your prayers! Praises: For new work experiences in the village, and for an idea for a potential language tutor there. For good community Prayer points: (Same as in the last post, as they are … Continue reading

Stress Down, Travels Ahead

Dear Prayer Team, Thank you so much for your prayers! In the last many weeks my stress levels have gone down significantly. I’ve learned some new approaches to problems and stressors that are going to help me long-term, and I … Continue reading

The Conundrum of “Dying to Self”

Hello Prayer Team, Thank you so much for your prayers! It is in times like these that I especially feel grateful for all of you. In Luke 9:23, Jesus tells the crowds, “If any of you wants to be my … Continue reading