Small injury, course work studies

  Hello friends and family! I hope you are well. Every day I thank God with gratitude for the blessing of studying here and for getting to be a part of His mission. You all are a part of that. … Continue reading

Studies and Training Ride preparations continue

Hello family and friends, Here are some updates. Praise! It appears that fall semester will be entirely funded with scholarships and the monthly supporters that have pledged to continue beyond this semester. This is a huge relief to me and allows … Continue reading

Pre-Ride a success! 

Thank you everyone for your prayers! The pre-ride 50K went really well.  All in all, I biked 59 Kilometers yesterday!  God bless,  Alex    … Continue reading

Biking for Bible Translation Training Scholarships

CanIL has a big biking event every summer to raise funds for Bible translation. This year, I have decided to participate. I love to bike and I want to take advantage of this opportunity to “pay it forward,” since I … Continue reading


Last week I was a bit too far behind, losing a few points on weekly assignments due to lateness. Over the weekend I was able to get at least to the point of turning in these on time. However, I … Continue reading

Continued academic pressures 

Academically, I’m a tad bit behind and a tad bit overwhelmed- I think I’ll take a week-long long leave of most all things social to get caught up. Please pray for a fruitful week.  On a more positive note, my … Continue reading

Academic pressures

Hello! I put my assignment calendar together today, and am starting to feel a bit burdened by the academic workload. I feel like to get on track I would have to hole-up hunker-down and not see the light of day … Continue reading

Good beginnings

Praise: The semester is starting out well! I’m reconnecting with current subject students, and getting to know the new ones.  One of my course projects requires me to work with someone involved in a Bible translation project, to see about … Continue reading

New arrivals

Please pray for the students arriving this weekend for classes! Most of the students come from all over North America, and some even come from far corners of the Earth! Visa mercies with customs officials! For a positive start to … Continue reading

Please pray for scholarship results

In about a week, I expect to hear from ACTS Seminaries in regards to my scholarship application. Please pray that those in charge would be able to see my passion for God’s Word in the language of every man, woman, … Continue reading