Good beginnings

Praise: The semester is starting out well! I’m reconnecting with current subject students, and getting to know the new ones.  One of my course projects requires me to work with someone involved in a Bible translation project, to see about … Continue reading

New arrivals

Please pray for the students arriving this weekend for classes! Most of the students come from all over North America, and some even come from far corners of the Earth! Visa mercies with customs officials! For a positive start to … Continue reading

Please pray for scholarship results

In about a week, I expect to hear from ACTS Seminaries in regards to my scholarship application. Please pray that those in charge would be able to see my passion for God’s Word in the language of every man, woman, … Continue reading

Two-way partnership!

Hello friends and family,  I must admit, I am not accustomed to blogging so much about myself, and asking for so many prayers!  I am glad to provide current prayer requests for my prayer partners. At the same time, I … Continue reading

I survived the hike! And other news.

On Saturday I hiked up Mount St Benedict, near Mission, B.C.  I went with three others, and at a fairly fast rate.  In spite of all my bike-riding, I was not as well-conditioned for that caliber of a hike as … Continue reading

The winds gather speed

Hi everyone,  Praise God I was able to finish my book, finally, last night! And today was the last of five class sessions. I have to do ten involved assignments, a significant reading report, and the term essay to finish … Continue reading

Class going well; still reading

Praise: class is going well! Prayer Request: I’m struggling to make time (“tame” time I kept typing by mistake!) for my studies outside of class this week. I even still have about 35 more pages of reading, never mind the essay … Continue reading

Good progress made today. Looking ahead.

Thank you everyone for your prayers- I was able to get a good chunk of reading done, in addition to some reflection on the first book. Tomorrow will be much of the same, with a bike ride to school to … Continue reading


Two good things happened today! 1. I was surprised by the generous gift of a relatively-new friend, resulting in my full-time funding status! 2. I finished reading one of my required readings, “The Problem of Pain,” by C.S. Lewis.  Tomorrow … Continue reading

Studying continues

Please pray that I would be able to get through my assigned readings quickly! I have 340 pages to read by next Monday- It should be quite doable, but life has a habit of sending many interruptions large and small, … Continue reading