Thankful this year for God, working through all of you!

Hello Prayer Team! As we come out of Thanksgiving weekend, I am so grateful for what you have done and continue to do for me. Thank you. Here is the latest! Praise! For the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with family … Continue reading

God is Lord Over the Mini-Storms, Too

Praise! My truck developed a coolant leak on Sunday. On Thursday I was able to get it fixed along with a coolant flush for about $100. Praise!  For the opportunity to go to Othello, WA with Essential Church on Saturday … Continue reading

Happy Reformation Day! 500 years ago today…

Dear Prayer Team, Happy Reformation Day! 500 years ago today Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the church door, starting what would become the Protestant reformation. Martin Luther believed that all people should have access to God’s Word in … Continue reading

Sharing Insights in Bible Translation & Heart Transformation

Dear family, friends, and ministry partners, Thank you for your prayers! I am back in Rain City. The ten days I spent in Dallas were highly impactful. I quickly realized how insightful my two visits to Peru were. At the … Continue reading

Being Stretched in Dallas

Dear prayer partners, I am delighted to tell you the Lord has helped me reach 75% in my Wycliffe monthly ministry budget! God put it on my heart to reach out to some family friends from Canada that I didn’t … Continue reading

To Quincy and Beyond!

To my prayer warriors, Thank you for your prayers! My partnership development continues even as I start taking on more ministry responsibilities for Bible translation and heart transformation. Since my last update I have seen my Wycliffe monthly ministry budget … Continue reading

Opening Doors

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalm 19: 1 Hello prayer team! Thank you for your prayers. God is again opening doors. The other week I had two sudden opportunities to … Continue reading

Two-Thirds Funded!

Hello prayer team! Thank you for praying with me through thick and thin! I can’t believe there is only three weeks left before my faith goal to reach 100% funding for my Wycliffe ministry. Here is my update. Praise: For … Continue reading

Driving through the Pacific Northwest

Hello prayer team! My last update was given when I was just arriving to Boise. Now, I’m about to leave. Thank you so much for praying for me during these two weeks. They were quite productive! Parkview Christian Church decided … Continue reading

Speaking at Parkview Christian Church on Sunday

Hello partners in prayer! Please click here to see my first-ever video blog prayer update: … Continue reading

Remembering Robert

Hello partners in prayer, Thank you for your prayers! This week has been a time for reflection, as my dear friend Robert Reed passed away in home hospice on Saturday the 24th. He lived 85 years, 3 months, and 15 … Continue reading

In Boise

Hello prayer team, Praises: Thank you for your prayers! This past week of travel has certainly been an intense one as I went from Huánuco to Lima and then to San Salvador, LA, Seattle, Renton, Port Orchard and Boise! It … Continue reading

Let The Travels Begin!

Hello prayer warriors! Thanks so much for your prayers. My how time flies! I got back yesterday at 5:30 AM from the second literacy workshop- a 14-hour journey consisting of one bus and three taxis! Lucma is in the High … Continue reading

From Linda Linda to Tipsa

Hello prayer warriors! I hope you are well. Thank you so much for your prayers. My time here in Peru is going quite well. Last weekend we went to the very rural village of Linda Linda for the literacy workshop. … Continue reading

Adventures in Flight

Dear friends and family, partners in ministry, Thank you for your prayers. Greetings from Peru! Praise: Praise for this opportunity to go to Peru and participate in these literacy workshops. Praise for my partnership team that is making it possible! … Continue reading

On to Peru! …For a Visit

Hello partners in prayer, If you haven’t heard, I’m cleared to visit Peru next week! I’ll be there from the 24th of this month through the 15th of June. These praise and prayer items are taken from Sunday’s newsletter, with … Continue reading

Pressing On

Hello prayer warriors, Thank you so much for your prayers. I’m towards the end of the intense 12 days I wrote about in my last post and newsletter. Praise! My talk at my Canadian church last Sunday went well. One … Continue reading

God Answers Prayers! Visiting Canada

Dear friends and family, partners in ministry, My most-recent newsletter is prayer-focused, so I am including its text here, though you can see the fully formatted newsletters with photos by clicking on this link. As my prayer partner you are … Continue reading

Back from Oregon

Hello everyone, I’m back from Oregon and getting back into the routine. Thank you for praying for me as I drove 780 miles around Washington and Oregon last week. Here is the latest: Praise: Safe travels! And a truck that’s … Continue reading

Traveling through Oregon

Dear friends and family, partners in prayer, Thank you for your prayers! I hope you are well. This week I am traveling around Oregon, between the cities of Gresham, Salem, and Albany. I am meeting with friends, family, and partners … Continue reading

Off to a good start!

Hello family and friends, partners in ministry, Thank you so much for your prayers! Praise items: I have gained a few new partners these past couple weeks! Praise God for open hearts. The board of my home church made a … Continue reading

Website Issue Resolved

Dear friends and family, partners in ministry, Thank you for your prayers! Praise Items: My first Sunday back after my travels a couple people at my church said they wanted an update, and last Sunday I was able to give … Continue reading

Back from a month of travels

Dear friends, family, my partners in ministry, Thank you for your prayers! Praise: My time in Asheville, North Carolina was wonderful. I learned a tremendous amount about how to use conversations and stories to communicate the Gospel. I have a … Continue reading

Weaving Stories Into the Fabric of Our Lives

Dear friends, family, my partners in ministry, Thank you for your prayers! My stay in Orlando was a wonderful time of learning and fellowship with people of all trades working in unison to further the Bible translation task. It really … Continue reading

Becoming Equipped for the Task

Hello partners in prayer! It’s incredible to think two weeks have gone by and my time in Florida is over. I am so grateful to all of you, my friends and Wycliffe ministry partners. You have made it possible for … Continue reading

Speaking in Front of All Wycliffe!

Tomorrow Wednesday a bit after 7AM PST (10AM EST) I will share my testimony of how God worked through me and led me to join Wycliffe, in front of all the Wycliffe Orlando headquarters staff and any Wycliffe member watching … Continue reading

Praises from Orlando

Hello! On my last day at Target I wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciated them and the time I had there. So, I left 120 cookies in the breakroom with a note, “Thanks for a sweet winter!” … Continue reading

A Year of Praises

Hello family and friends! Here are some answered prayers from my most recent prayer blog entry: I’ve been able to get more rest these past few days. I had a wonderful Christmas- even better than I had hoped for. I’m … Continue reading

Seeking Balance & Peace This Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s amazing that 2016 is almost over. I thank you for all of your prayers, and I praise God for all of His answers to prayer! As the Lord leads, please pray for me, as these past … Continue reading

Praise for Employment, Prayer for Peru

Hello family and friends! Thank you for all of your prayers! It is so good to be back home and seeing so many of you again. Thank you also for patiently waiting for my next prayer blog update! I am … Continue reading