Please Pray for Study Week

Hello Friends and Family, Previously I shared that I might have been getting sick. Indeed, I did get a bit sick. But I am now largely over it! Thank you for your prayers. As for Study Week, I’m off to … Continue reading

Praise: I am now finished with my Field Methods Course

Hello everyone, Just a quick praise report- as of a few minutes ago, I am officially finished with my Field Methods Course. I am grateful for all that have prayed for me as I have worked on the difficult language … Continue reading

Many Praises, & Prayer for a Week of Study

Hello family and friends, Here are some praises! I was worried about having enough US funds to last me through summer break when it comes, but an old supporter surprised me with a gift of $200, doing a lot to alleviate … Continue reading

The Early-Morning Semester

Hello everyone! This semester I am getting up early and arriving to school at 6:30 AM so that I can get a lot of studying in before my 11:40 class. It’s going really well so far! I love being able … Continue reading

A Good Start

Hello everyone, It’s good to start a new year with some praises! Praise! I enter into a new year with amazement and gratitude for what the Lord has done in the past year, and with excitement for what is to … Continue reading

Starting Spring 2016

Hello friends and family! Thank you for all of your prayers. I was grateful for a wonderful Christmas break. This semester is starting off well. Here are my current prayer requests: Praise! I finished a huge amount of work for … Continue reading

Starting a Paper

Hello! Please pray for me as I start right now on one of the major papers in the course I am working on. Often the hardest part is gaining momentum! I have a praise report: I had a wonderful meeting … Continue reading

A full schedule

Hello everyone! Here is a quick update: Wednesday and Thursday are going to be full days for me. I’m meeting with my home church pastor to discuss my next steps. I will also meet the pastor of my mother’s church … Continue reading

Wrapping up Fall and preparing for Spring…

Hello friends and family! Merry, Christmas, and happy New Year! I can’t believe it has been almost three weeks since I last published a prayer request. I’m sorry if I have kept anyone waiting! I am grateful to have finished … Continue reading

Getting closer to the finish line

Praises! I feel that my Hebrew final went well yesterday. I also turned in my Morphosyntax term paper, which I feel good about. What an undertaking that was! And it was so intimidating at first… but God made a way. … Continue reading

Hebrew Final in 23.5 hours! And some praises.

Hello friends and family, I am still in the thicket of end-of-semester studies, but I want to take a moment to share with you that I have been offered and I have accepted a part-time position in the fall as … Continue reading

Increased momentum

Hello friends and family, Merry Christmas! It’s incredible to think that this is already the first Sunday of Advent. On this day (and considering that we just celebrated Thanksgiving!) I am greatful for many things: This wonderful opportunity to study, … Continue reading

Moving Forward!

Hello! I am feeling encouraged and hopeful. The wise council I mentioned that I was seeking is paying off, and I am finding some more time for study. Thank you for your prayers; I know that they are making a … Continue reading


Hello friends and family, I find that I am totally swamped! This is proving to be my most difficult semester ever. Please pray that I would be able to focus in, as well as find and block off plenty of … Continue reading

Health recovering

Hello everyone! Here is an update: I am almost over my cold. Thank you for your prayers for a quick recovery. It did not cause me to loose much study time. My housemate came back on Thursday and is recovering. If … Continue reading

Prayer for health

Hello friends and family, Here is an update: Hebrew quiz today at 11:40 (numbers is the topic!). Please pray for a good review session this morning and ability to recall during the exam. I’m coming down with a bug it … Continue reading

Please pray for ASOIXIL, my housemate, and me

Hello friends and family, Just some quick bullet points today. I’m shocked to see that it’s already noon on Saturday; I haven’t been able to gain much traction this weekend on my assignments. Please pray that I would get working … Continue reading

Praise for a good day

Hello! This is just a quick praise report, to share that I have had more energy today, and I was able to make some progress on one of my major assignments. Thank you for your prayers! Please pray that I … Continue reading

A good result and a heavy homework forecast

Hello everyone! Thank you so much to everyone who was praying for me before and during my exams! Much to my delight and gratitude I received a 91.66% on my Morphosyntax midterm. God’s answer to your prayers is the only explanation … Continue reading

Morphosyntax II Midterm Complete!

Praise! I made it through my first midterm and I believe I did better than I had been expecting! Prayer is the only plausible explanation for the extra amount I was able to learn during my studies the past few days, … Continue reading

Midterms coming!

Hello everyone! Thank you to those of you who prayed for my Hebrew quiz on Monday. It went well; even better than I expected! Now my mind is focused on my Advanced Morphosyntax course midterm on Thursday the 22nd at … Continue reading

Praise for a good week; prayer for another.

Hello friends and family! Last week Canada celebrated Thanksgiving and I made it through the abbreviated week with rather well. Praises for a wonderful time! Today I have another quiz on Hebrew- they’re always difficult! Please pray that I would … Continue reading

(Updated) Please pray for energy, encouragement, & enlightenment into subject matter!

Hello,  If you see this in time, please pray for me tomorrow Thursday in the morning. Please pray for me, especially  that I would be able to get enough rest and have energy for my studies. I am feeling worn … Continue reading

A Busy Week, a Busy Weekend 

Thank you for your prayers! Last weekend I was especially focused in my study time, while still allowing for a social break or two! Even with so much studying, I only managed to get caught up in two out of … Continue reading

The weekend is here!

Hello friends and family, Thank you for your prayers regarding balance between caring for others and my studies. Things seem to have calmed down on that front.  The weekend is here and I am hoping to get a lot of … Continue reading


Hello friends and family!  I have just been able to fix my blog-post-writing app, which means it’s going to be a lot easier for me to keep you all updated. Hosanna!  The family reunion had some unexpected logistical turns, but … Continue reading

Gotta love good grades!

Praise: I just recieved my final grade for “A Biblical Theology of Suffering.” I recieved an A-. Please join me in thanksgiving for such a wonderful opportunity to learn and for the grace I recieved in regards to timing! I … Continue reading

Please Pray for Renewal for the Family Reunion

This weekend (through Monday) I will be at a small family reunion in Long Beach, Washington. Please pray for a time of rest and renewal for everyone present, as well as for the opportunity to draw closer to one another … Continue reading


Hello friends! Thank you so much for your prayers for me these past few days and weeks. As I worked to complete my seminary course by the deadline, I sometimes wondered how I could ever get it all done in … Continue reading

Please pray for speed, effeciency, insight

So far I have been fairly hopeful about my ability to finish my coursework in time for the extension on the 31st, but right now it’s looking like it will take a maricle to get it all done. I have … Continue reading