Nothing like family!

Hello family and friends! I can’t believe I go back to Canada the day after tomorrow! Here is a prayer update: Praise that my truck is being fixed on time- it should be done tonight. Praise also that the engine didn’t overheat … Continue reading

10 days left before going back to Canada

Hello friends and family, Thank you for all of your prayers. My sermon in Spanish on Wednesday went really well! I am grateful for the opportunity to share and speak from the heart. Here are my current prayer requests: Praise! I had … Continue reading

Funding Progress, Sermon Prep

Hello friends and family, Thank you for all of your prayers! My talk about El Sauzal Orphanage went well on Sunday. My next engagement is a 20-minute sermon in Spanish on Wednesday, on the topic of prayer. Please pray that … Continue reading

Newsletter done

Praise! I just finished my first newsletter in almost a year. It will go out at 5AM tomorrow Thursday! It always takes me a lot of energy and at least a couple of days to write and format a newsletter. … Continue reading

Low Energy for the Moment

Hello everyone, This is just a quick request. These past days I have had significantly lower energy levels than normal, as well as symptoms that may be attributed to either allergies or maybe a sickness. Please pray that I would … Continue reading

Semester Complete!

Hello friends and family! Thank you so much for all of your prayer for me as I worked to get through last semester! I’m pleased to report that the semester is finished, and that I have begun my next task: … Continue reading

Studying for Final; Hebrew Comprehension Growing

Hello family and friends, 9:00 tomorrow morning (Friday) I will take my Hebrew II final exam. In my studies I just tried reading the first half of the story of Abraham and Isaac in an Hebrew-English interlinear Bible- doing my … Continue reading

Praise for work done!

Hello everyone, Thank you for your prayers for me as I finish this semester. I am frequently reflecting on two realities: I am incredibly more on schedule this semester than I was last semester. I have much peace and security, rather than … Continue reading

Praise for Insight & Working Software!

Hello, I’m grateful to say that God has answered our prayers for working software and insight for my paper! So far, my analysis software has not crashed, and this morning I found many topics to write about! This afternoon, I … Continue reading

Potential Software Issues

Hello friends and family, I am hard at work on analysis for my big Discourse Analysis paper. Last night my language analysis software gave me an error message indicating that the dataset was unstable. Please join me in praying that it … Continue reading

A Productive Day!

Hello everyone, Thank you for all of your prayers. Last time I wrote to you I asked for prayer regarding assignment completion. Since then, I have finished several assignments, and today I finished my Hebrew→English translation of Jonah 1-2! The only … Continue reading

Please Pray for Focus

Hello family and friends, Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. I have two weeks left in this summer semester and the large deadlines are looming. Please pray for me, that I would be able to … Continue reading

Paper complete!

Hello Friends and family! Thank you so much for all of your prayers. As an update, I was able to finish my paper on the Hebrew word for heaven and submit it on Wednesday night. I’m very happy with how … Continue reading

Please Pray for These, Persecuted:

Hello friends and family, I would like to ask you to join me in prayer for the community of my friends, a couple studying here who have been working on a translation project in Mexico. They were almost moved to tears when they … Continue reading

So far so good!

Hello family and friends, I hope you are well. Thank you for your prayers! Thursday night and Friday morning were productive hours of presentation preparation- I think that my presentation on Friday afternoon went well. After the presentation I checked my … Continue reading

Two Interviews Completed; Two Assignments In The Making

Thank you everyone for your prayers for my interviews today. They both went well, and one went really well! I have often wondered why God gave me both an analytical side and an artistic side, as at times they have … Continue reading

Two morning interviews

This morning, starting in a few minutes, I will be talking with two Wycliffe Latin America program directors. While they aren’t “job interviews” they are to help us learn more about one another, and feel out where I might be … Continue reading

Weekend starting well

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me yesterday. It was a very productive day! I finished my two small Discourse Analysis essays, and got a small start on my presentation. Please pray for more of the same productivity for … Continue reading

Please pray for a productive weekend

Hello everyone! Please pray for motivation, focus, and productivity for me as I work on some important assignments today and tomorrow- Friday and Saturday are totally free, so there is opportunity to get a lot done. I have a couple … Continue reading

Teaching went well

Hello everyone! Here is an update. Praise report: On Tuesday I taught my first class session- it went really well! The students were very engaged and they seemed to understand the subject material very readily. I was able to prepare … Continue reading

Considering Job Openings With Wycliffe!

Hello everyone!  Here is an updated prayer request. Praise! I’ve already recovered from my cold. Praise! Things are moving forward with recovering the project on the computer system. Praise! I had a productive day in Hebrew studies. Praise! I am looking at job openings … Continue reading

Please Pray for Study Week

Hello Friends and Family, Previously I shared that I might have been getting sick. Indeed, I did get a bit sick. But I am now largely over it! Thank you for your prayers. As for Study Week, I’m off to … Continue reading

Praise: I am now finished with my Field Methods Course

Hello everyone, Just a quick praise report- as of a few minutes ago, I am officially finished with my Field Methods Course. I am grateful for all that have prayed for me as I have worked on the difficult language … Continue reading

Many Praises, & Prayer for a Week of Study

Hello family and friends, Here are some praises! I was worried about having enough US funds to last me through summer break when it comes, but an old supporter surprised me with a gift of $200, doing a lot to alleviate … Continue reading

The Early-Morning Semester

Hello everyone! This semester I am getting up early and arriving to school at 6:30 AM so that I can get a lot of studying in before my 11:40 class. It’s going really well so far! I love being able … Continue reading

A Good Start

Hello everyone, It’s good to start a new year with some praises! Praise! I enter into a new year with amazement and gratitude for what the Lord has done in the past year, and with excitement for what is to … Continue reading

Starting Spring 2016

Hello friends and family! Thank you for all of your prayers. I was grateful for a wonderful Christmas break. This semester is starting off well. Here are my current prayer requests: Praise! I finished a huge amount of work for … Continue reading

Starting a Paper

Hello! Please pray for me as I start right now on one of the major papers in the course I am working on. Often the hardest part is gaining momentum! I have a praise report: I had a wonderful meeting … Continue reading

A full schedule

Hello everyone! Here is a quick update: Wednesday and Thursday are going to be full days for me. I’m meeting with my home church pastor to discuss my next steps. I will also meet the pastor of my mother’s church … Continue reading

Wrapping up Fall and preparing for Spring…

Hello friends and family! Merry, Christmas, and happy New Year! I can’t believe it has been almost three weeks since I last published a prayer request. I’m sorry if I have kept anyone waiting! I am grateful to have finished … Continue reading