God Answers Prayers! Visiting Canada

Dear friends and family, partners in ministry, My most-recent newsletter is prayer-focused, so I am including its text here, though you can see the fully formatted newsletters with photos by clicking on this link. As my prayer partner you are … Continue reading

Back from Oregon

Hello everyone, I’m back from Oregon and getting back into the routine. Thank you for praying for me as I drove 780 miles around Washington and Oregon last week. Here is the latest: Praise: Safe travels! And a truck that’s … Continue reading

Traveling through Oregon

Dear friends and family, partners in prayer, Thank you for your prayers! I hope you are well. This week I am traveling around Oregon, between the cities of Gresham, Salem, and Albany. I am meeting with friends, family, and partners … Continue reading

Off to a good start!

Hello family and friends, partners in ministry, Thank you so much for your prayers! Praise items: I have gained a few new partners these past couple weeks! Praise God for open hearts. The board of my home church made a … Continue reading

Website Issue Resolved

Dear friends and family, partners in ministry, Thank you for your prayers! Praise Items: My first Sunday back after my travels a couple people at my church said they wanted an update, and last Sunday I was able to give … Continue reading

Back from a month of travels

Dear friends, family, my partners in ministry, Thank you for your prayers! Praise: My time in Asheville, North Carolina was wonderful. I learned a tremendous amount about how to use conversations and stories to communicate the Gospel. I have a … Continue reading

Weaving Stories Into the Fabric of Our Lives

Dear friends, family, my partners in ministry, Thank you for your prayers! My stay in Orlando was a wonderful time of learning and fellowship with people of all trades working in unison to further the Bible translation task. It really … Continue reading

Becoming Equipped for the Task

Hello partners in prayer! It’s incredible to think two weeks have gone by and my time in Florida is over. I am so grateful to all of you, my friends and Wycliffe ministry partners. You have made it possible for … Continue reading

Speaking in Front of All Wycliffe!

Tomorrow Wednesday a bit after 7AM PST (10AM EST) I will share my testimony of how God worked through me and led me to join Wycliffe, in front of all the Wycliffe Orlando headquarters staff and any Wycliffe member watching … Continue reading

Praises from Orlando

Hello! On my last day at Target I wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciated them and the time I had there. So, I left 120 cookies in the breakroom with a note, “Thanks for a sweet winter!” … Continue reading