(Updated) Please pray for energy, encouragement, & enlightenment into subject matter!

Hello,  If you see this in time, please pray for me tomorrow Thursday in the morning. Please pray for me, especially  that I would be able to get enough rest and have energy for my studies. I am feeling worn … Continue reading

A Busy Week, a Busy Weekend 

Thank you for your prayers! Last weekend I was especially focused in my study time, while still allowing for a social break or two! Even with so much studying, I only managed to get caught up in two out of … Continue reading

The weekend is here!

Hello friends and family, Thank you for your prayers regarding balance between caring for others and my studies. Things seem to have calmed down on that front.  The weekend is here and I am hoping to get a lot of … Continue reading


Hello friends and family!  I have just been able to fix my blog-post-writing app, which means it’s going to be a lot easier for me to keep you all updated. Hosanna!  The family reunion had some unexpected logistical turns, but … Continue reading

Kitchen Inspiration: Alex’s Amazingly Tasty Amazingly Fast Tortilla Pizza

 Cooking time: Less than it takes for the delivery man to arrive! Ingredients:  Two large flour tortillas, trimmed to fit if necessary Some olive oil, sprinkled on lightly Some Medium Safeway Select Fire Roasted Salsa, spread thinly with a spoon … Continue reading

Interview Improvisation

As demonstrated in the story below, language surveyors usually encounter the unexpected, and must be flexible! This is not considered a problem- it is one of the aspects of surveying that makes it so joyful! “During the Pangwa survey in … Continue reading

Seeds Fundraiser 200% to goal! Thank you everyone!

Through all of your generosity via www.globalgiving.org and other means, you have given a total of $2,046, which is over 200% of our goal of $1000! The extra funds will help to further equip the rural farmers and help additional … Continue reading

What do I want to see happen for my birthday? Let me explain:

What do I want to see happen for my birthday? Let me explain: These brothers of mine are genocide survivors. They have dedicated themselves fully the past two years to realizing their dream: Lifting rural Chajul, Guatemala, out of crushing … Continue reading

On Prisencolinensinainciusol and Communicating For “a Better Tomorrow”

What does English sound like to foreigners? Or rather, what did English slang sound like  to an Italian pop singer in 1972? This video upload contains both the classroom introduction (with the subtitles below!) and the full music video released … Continue reading