Back from Boise, Going to Gresham

Hello prayer team!

I praise God for a very wonderful and meaningful time in Boise as I said goodbye to many family members and experienced the great blessing of being commissioned by Parkview Christian Church. Truly they made me feel loved and cared for!

Also, the trip there and back went without a hitch. My parents decided to use their airline miles to fly me over, which was a huge blessing. Having the same flight with the Boise State Broncos (basketball team) and getting their autographs for my uncle (who is a fan) was an added bonus.

Please continue to pray:

    • For safe travels, especially as I drive from Seattle to Gresham, OR and back.
    • That God would help me coordinate all the following necessary details of moving to Peru:
      • Getting my taxes done
      • Purchasing some equipment
      • Organizing and digitizing a few boxes of paper documents and many boxes of books
      • Selling my truck
      • Dentist visits
      • Figure out what I’m taking to Peru and what to do with the items that I don’t take.

How can I be praying for you?

Thanks and God bless,


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