Back in the village, at last

Dear prayer team,

Thanks so much for your prayers! I’m in Tipsa these weeks but bolted down to the city to run some errands today.

Please join me in praising God:

  • I recently returned from the jungle city of Pucallpa, where I helped give a workshop about language shift to 16 indigenous students, among which was most of the Panao Quechua translation team.
  • For the translator Edmin, who is setting aside a whole week next month to help me with my Quechua
  • That I was able to get my tickets for my first visit to the States. (October 5th to January 2nd, being in Dallas until October 18th)

Please pray for the workshop results:

  • Courage for the students, who observed how their languages are shifting from generation to generation.
  • Clarity for the students as they prepare to help guide the course on language shift in their own communities, and help them take the steps needed to ensure strong language use well into the future.

Please pray for my language learning:

  • That I would be able to find some language tutors!
  • For productive language and culture learning these two weeks in the village, including warm and restful nights free of allergy symptoms
  • For a productive week of language learning with Edmin

Please also pray that God would fill me with his patience and grace as I deal with the constant stressors of missionary life.

Finally, please pray for my home church Mountain Creek. Sadly, my pastor broke her foot right at the start of a major leadership transition.

Thank you so much. I couldn’t do this without you.

God bless,


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