Two-way partnership!

Hello friends and family,  I must admit, I am not accustomed to blogging so much about myself, and asking for so many prayers!  I am glad to provide current prayer requests for my prayer partners. At the same time, I … Continue reading

I survived the hike! And other news.

On Saturday I hiked up Mount St Benedict, near Mission, B.C.  I went with three others, and at a fairly fast rate.  In spite of all my bike-riding, I was not as well-conditioned for that caliber of a hike as … Continue reading

The winds gather speed

Hi everyone,  Praise God I was able to finish my book, finally, last night! And today was the last of five class sessions. I have to do ten involved assignments, a significant reading report, and the term essay to finish … Continue reading

Class going well; still reading

Praise: class is going well! Prayer Request: I’m struggling to make time (“tame” time I kept typing by mistake!) for my studies outside of class this week. I even still have about 35 more pages of reading, never mind the essay … Continue reading

Good progress made today. Looking ahead.

Thank you everyone for your prayers- I was able to get a good chunk of reading done, in addition to some reflection on the first book. Tomorrow will be much of the same, with a bike ride to school to … Continue reading


Two good things happened today! 1. I was surprised by the generous gift of a relatively-new friend, resulting in my full-time funding status! 2. I finished reading one of my required readings, “The Problem of Pain,” by C.S. Lewis.  Tomorrow … Continue reading

Studying continues

Please pray that I would be able to get through my assigned readings quickly! I have 340 pages to read by next Monday- It should be quite doable, but life has a habit of sending many interruptions large and small, … Continue reading

A full day

Praises!  The computer run at church, though not perfectly executed, went really well. I received complements from the lead pastor.  I had one close call on the bike, but was kept from harm. Ran errands around town from noon to … Continue reading

First computer run at church

My first time running the computer at my church up here in Canada is today, with setup around 8 AM, The service starting at 10, and ending a bit after 11. I am using new software on a new platform … Continue reading

Praise: 80% funded!

Praise: Overall, I am 80% to being fully funded. This breaks down to 95% of my class tuition and 70% of my living expenses. That is a strong contrast from when I started at about 33% two weeks ago. Praise … Continue reading