Prayers for belief, for translation

(Note: You can see updates to this post in the comments below.) Hey there prayer team, How are things? I have a couple of requests for you, real quick: I just got word that my grandfather, who is not a … Continue reading

The Joy of Scripture in the Heart Language

Dear Prayer Team, How are you? Just yesterday I got back from my second week-long stay in the village. I’m really starting to get used to life there. I’m able to eat the foods with more ease and know how … Continue reading

Please Pray: Big Meeting Coming

Hello Prayer Team, Greetings from Huánuco! I hear that the winter is starting to thaw out up there, at least for those in the Pacific Northwest. I can hardly believe that my one-year anniversary in Peru is less than three … Continue reading

Grateful for good travels, grateful to be heading back

Good day Prayer Team! Greetings from Lima. It’s incredible to think of all that has happened in the past few weeks. I’m grateful for safe travels from Huánuco to Lima, and then to another city for some Bible translation consultant … Continue reading

Visiting Lima, Visa in Hand

Dear prayer team, Thank you so much for your prayers! I’m excited to share that I now have a visa, allowing me to continue my work here! This has been a long process requiring three cross-country trips, so it’s a … Continue reading

From Remote Villages to the Largest Farmers Market

Dear Prayer Team, Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your prayers. The visits to the remote villages to share hot chocolate, Christmas bread, and the Good News all went really well. Thank you for praying for our safety. … Continue reading

Christmas Bread, Hot Chocolate, and the Good News

Dear prayer team, Thank you for your prayers! I am so grateful for all of you. Christmas is a busy, stressful time in North America. How can I pray for you? You can email me at Yesterday I traveled … Continue reading

Feeling Better

Hello Prayer Team, Thanks for your prayers! I’m really glad to report that I’m feeling better these recent days. I was able to talk with both of my parents on Thanksgiving, spent some time with my Quechua family, and celebrated … Continue reading

Addendum: Holiday Blues

Hello prayer team,   Thank you so much for your prayers. In addition to the update I put out on Friday, I would also like to share that recently I have been feeling a bit blue. I think it’s related … Continue reading

Six Months Already

Hello Prayer Team, Thank you for your prayers! These past few weeks have gone by so quickly, as I worked with the team in preparing the formal project proposal for the Panao Quechua Old Testament translation. (While my personal Wycliffe … Continue reading