Christmas Bread, Hot Chocolate, and the Good News

Dear prayer team,

Thank you for your prayers! I am so grateful for all of you. Christmas is a busy, stressful time in North America. How can I pray for you? You can email me at

Yesterday I traveled with some colleagues to a remote town where we shared a special Christmas bread called Panetón, hot chocolate, and the Good News. We were able to distribute some audio Bibles and hardcopies of the Scriptures.

Having come from a world of over-the-top toys and smartphones, it’s quite the experience to see a crowd of kids running up to the pickup truck as we enter town, and then have a group of teens listen to the Christmas story (Luke 1 and 2) for 20 minutes straight.

This was the first of several trips that we will be doing in the coming week or so. Please pray for safety in our travels, and for the hearts of the people that we connect with-that they would be open to the good news of God’s love, as expressed by Jesus’s first arrival.

Terry and Karla Smith have given me access to their Panao Quechua dictionary! It has over 5,000 entries and is about 71,000 lines long. I have been working on understanding and reformatting this complicated data set so that we can convert it to a new platform. This new platform will allow more people to collaborate and access it simultaneously, not to mention help me learn Quechua and work with the Scripture drafts more efficiently. Please pray for us as we work on this conversion process.

I previously asked you to pray for translator Edmin, his wife Mara, and her family. Her sister’s wedding went splendidly, and Maura’s nephew is back from the capital as he continues to recover from his brain surgery. Praise God! Thank you for praying.

David and Diana Weber (missionary colleagues that worked with a neighboring language) are in town for a few months. Please pray for plenty of chances to connect!

Don’t forget to email me if you have a prayer request. (However due to my trips I may take me a few days to reply.)

Thanks so much, and merry Christmas!


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