Daily prayer requests coming

Hello friends and family,
If you are reading this because of an email notification sent on Tuesday May 19th, this message is specifically for you! I encourage you to read this to prevent possible inbox-overflow! ☺

Starting soon, I will be publishing frequently-updated prayer requests on my website’s new blog, alexlarkin.org/prayer
For those that have volunteered to pray for me monthly, I will send them reminders, directing them to this blog when their turn comes up (just for the dates they have chosen).

If you do not desire to receive a notification of every single prayer request (totally understandable!), I encourage you to unsubscribe from this set of notifications by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email.

For those of you receiving my newsletters, this should not affect your subscription if you signed up via personal communication. If you signed up for my newsletters via my webpage some time ago, please ensure that the most recent newsletter (called “The book of Acts shows the importance of the heart language!”) came from alex@alexlarkin.org. If it came from noreply@wordpress.com, it will be necessary to sign up again at alexlarkin.org/newsletters.

Thank you! Good bless,


1 thought on “Daily prayer requests coming”

  1. Gary C. Allen

    Hi Alex! Greetings from the DF! I am VERY pleased to see you met your goal. We want to be added as prayer partners.We will take the 4th day of each month. We leave MX on July 1. We plan to come back next Feb. to work with the Canadian VISA team. Have rec’d some invitations to Northern Mx.,(Hermosillo), and Michoacan, and the D.F. during the “winter months. Not sure where HE will lead us! 1 o fthe tiangueros has invited me to his farm in Michoacan. (The guy that sells veggies with his 2 sons.) Think his name is Chesperin. Please pray HE will direct the day, the trip, and the relationship. He has suggested the possibility twice. We talked briefly on Mon., and will try to “fine-tune” the details tomorrrow.

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