Feels like I’m juggling!

Hello friends and family,

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my last post. Part of that is due to business but also I feel that some spiritual warfare is picking up again- that is one thing that kept me from posting last time. And sure enough! I am in a time of transition and imminent steps towards my mission. An opportune time for Satan to attack.

But I also have some encouraging news!

  •  I think I found a place to live while I am in the States!
  • I feel blessed to have celebrated a wonderful graduation party with many friends, family, and church members.
  • Even while I haven’t had much of a chance to seek partnership and funding for my imminent trip, God is providing! Some people are generously giving towards my trip, and others gave cash gifts as celebration for my graduation. It’s still tentative but my trip budget may have gone down, which is also a help. I can’t wait to do some computing and post an updated percentage!
  • A few days ago I started praying and seeking an (affordable!) solitary retreat location that I could go to, to finish my (last and overdue!) paper without distractions. Doors seemed to be closing all around but God was opening an even better one. Out of the blue my aunt offered her place for me to stay while she was gone on a trip. THANK YOU JESUS! Thank you that I will have almost six days of solitude to focus and dive in.

Please also be in prayer for the following:

  • In regards to housing, me not presently having a paying job and possibly not being able to commit to staying for 12 months present potential barriers to my housing application being approved.  Please pray that the landlord would be open, gracious, and understanding.
  • Please pray that my time of paper writing would go well, that that he would give me clarity as I try to figure out my views and write on the topic (Liberation Theology). Please pray that I would have peace about the matter.  I will be writing from the afternoon of the 16th until possibly the end of the 22nd.
  • A family matter is weighing heavily on my heart. Please pray for guidance, wisdom, and peace in that regard.
  • Please pray for wisdom and deliverance as I deal with discouragement from the Enemy.

To review:

  • I need to finish my last paper before I can effectively work on other tasks.
  • I need to firm up my housing arrangements
  • I need to find a part-time job that pays, to help make ends meet, while I simultaneously work towards entering the field with Wycliffe.
  • I need to plan and seek full funding for my fall Peru trip- I’m leaving in about a month. Yikes! (And I’m so excited!) Dates are approximately October 15th through November 8th.
  • I have Wycliffe New Member Training in Orlando, Florida from the 14th through the 17th of January.

It feels like I have a lot of tasks to juggle! But GOD CAN DO IT!

THANK YOU so much! This is a crucial moment in my timeline and I really appreciate your prayers and support. It is exciting to see myself getting so close.

God bless you,


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