God Answers Prayers! Visiting Canada

Dear friends and family, partners in ministry,

My most-recent newsletter is prayer-focused, so I am including its text here, though you can see the fully formatted newsletters with photos by clicking on this link. As my prayer partner you are getting this update 40 minutes before anyone else! Thank you for being on my Wycliffe ministry team. Here is the update:

Dear friends and family, partners in ministry,

I hope you are well. Thank you for your friendship, prayers, and encouragement.

In my last prayer blog update I asked you to pray that God would provide opportunities to share about my Wycliffe ministry so that my financial partnership team would come together more quickly. He has! My Wycliffe monthly ministry budget is now at 46%. What an encouragement! What’s more, here is my schedule for the next thirteen days:

  • Today Tuesday: Sharing tonight at my Bible study
  • Tomorrow Wednesday: Going to Langley, BC, Canada to build my Wycliffe ministry partnership team
  • Sunday the 30th: Share at Crossway, my church in Langley
  • Possibly Monday May 1st or Tuesday the 2nd: Host “M-Files” Missions Night at Crossway Church
  • Wednesday the 3rd: Return to Seattle
  • Sunday May 7th: Share at New Life Church in Port Orchard.
  • Throughout it all: Meeting with individuals, couples, families, and pastors to share life with one another and talk about opportunities for partnership in my Wycliffe ministry.

This all came about very suddenly!

Please pray that I would be able to keep the big picture in mind as I prepare for these speaking engagements and get-togethers. Please also pray for peoples’ hearts to beat with God’s passion for the Bibleless people of the world, and to respond in faith.

Please also continue to pray that my Wycliffe ministry would be able to reach 80% and beyond in pledged monthly giving as soon as possible. I may still be able to go to the Quechua literacy workshops that start on May 26th if the benchmark is reached in time to buy an economical ticket and make the necessary preparations.

To those who partner with me and my Wycliffe ministry through their friendship, prayers, and finances, thank you. I know that God is honoring your faithfulness in helping this team to come together.

Take care and God bless,


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  1. Hola Alex
    Estaremos orando por ti para que Dios te fortalezca y te bendiga en tu viaje.

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