Good beginnings

Praise: The semester is starting out well! I’m reconnecting with current subject students, and getting to know the new ones. 
One of my course projects requires me to work with someone involved in a Bible translation project, to see about finding ways to strengthen the use of the Scriptures in their communities. This afternoon I sent an email inquiry to someone I met in Guatemala. Please pray that my contact would respond positively, and soon!

I am also helping with a missions seminar that my church here is hosting two Saturdays from now. It is inspired by the Perspectives course. Please pray that lots more people would sign up on Sunday, and that the seminar itself would go smoothly. 

I’ve had trouble getting enough sleep this week due to homework, school and church activities, lots of summer daylight, and just a small bit of household noise. Please pray that I’d be able to find a solution!

Please let me know how I can be praying for you too!

Thank you, 


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