Praise for a good week; prayer for another.

Hello friends and family!

Last week Canada celebrated Thanksgiving and I made it through the abbreviated week with rather well. Praises for a wonderful time!

Today I have another quiz on Hebrew- they’re always difficult! Please pray that I would be able to get a lot more focused studying in before the 11:40 class, and that I would be able to recall all that I have learned.

In a previous update I asked for prayer for a seeker that I have meet that wanted to start a Bible study. The study has t worked out so far, but I’m still having awesome conversations with him from time to time- mainly when I remember to pray for him! Please join me in prayer that he would come to know the peace and healing that is only found in Christ!

As we are already halfway through October:

  • Praise for a wonderful home that can host guests! All of the many little repair jobs are done and now and we are happily having more people over for warm meals on cold days (me especially).
  • Praise for home community cooking and eating!
  • Please also pray that I and my friends would be able to find a way to do something meaningful for the Kingdom on Halloween
  • Please pray that I would find time to write a newsletter!
  • Please pray for God’s provision as I start to consider the finances that will be needed for my next semester.

As always, please let me know if there is any way that I can pray for you.

Thank you so much, and God bless,



Picture time. Some Hebrew pronouns I’m memorizing:


Fall has come to campus!


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