Grateful for good travels, grateful to be heading back

Good day Prayer Team!

Greetings from Lima. It’s incredible to think of all that has happened in the past few weeks.

I’m grateful for safe travels from Huánuco to Lima, and then to another city for some Bible translation consultant training. While at the Lima retreat, I was able to network with many colleagues I hadn’t met yet, as well as identify more causes of my high stress levels.

Today I’m wrapping up loose ends in Lima, and then getting on a night bus back to Huánuco, where plenty of work awaits! Please pray that God would continue to guide me in managing my stress levels.

Please also pray for a safe trip back, and that I will find an opportunity to spend some time in the village soon.

I keep seeing photos of the Pacific Northwest and of the Northeast, all covered deep in snow! Any way I can be praying for you?

Thanks and God bless,


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