Hebrew Final in 23.5 hours! And some praises.

Hello friends and family,

I am still in the thicket of end-of-semester studies, but I want to take a moment to share with you that I have been offered and I have accepted a part-time position in the fall as a Teaching Assistant! I will be TAing a course called ethnography. Please pray that God would be preparing me even now for what’s ahead.

Please also pray for me as I work to finish revising an essay, study for two difficult final exams, and do a mountain of catch-up work on my course project in Field Methods.

In particular, my Hebrew final is in 23.5 hours as of the time of this writing. Please pray for a day of productive study.

And also, some more praises!

God has provided a new roommate for the spring  since my current one is finishing and moving on.

I have also been able to greatly increase my forward inertia in my studies! For this I am very grateful.

I anticipate coming back to Seattle on Sunday the 20th. I hope to see many of you!

God bless you all, Merry Christmas, and thank you,


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