I survived the hike! And other news.

On Saturday I hiked up Mount St Benedict, near Mission, B.C.  I went with three others, and at a fairly fast rate. 
In spite of all my bike-riding, I was not as well-conditioned for that caliber of a hike as I thought I would be! I finished last, with two walking-sticks and two trembling legs! It was a very scenic hike, and I had a great time with my friends. It was also a good reminder to be getting plenty of exercise in. Especially since I may become a language surveyor, and they do a lot of trekking through the jungle! 
In any case, I’ll be able to study hard this week while my body recovers.

Last week as I waited at the bus stop to go to my class, I got to know a “New Canadian,” which is a nickname for new immigrants here in Canada. She is a Chinese woman who moved here a month ago. When I told her of the work I was getting ready to do, she said that she was looking for a friend to go to church with. So, I invited her to mine! 

We went there via bus yesterday, and she had a great time. She seems to be a seeker, with some church visits and some believing friends back home. I invited her back, and also connected her with a Chinese congregation via a connection of mine. Please pray that she and her family would continue to seek the Lord and grow in their walk with Him. 

On Sunday evenings I am now going to a homeless ministry in which we have fellowship over coffee and snacks for about two hours. The people are all really kind, and almost all of them I would even describe as gentle. As I am getting to know them, I am starting to learn some of their stories. They are filled with growing up in some really harsh circumstances. Please pray for the homeless of Langley, that they would desire and seek after wholeness and healing, through Christ the Great Physician. Some of them have exchanged their emotional freedom for chains of bitterness and unforgiveness. Please pray that they would recognize their state, and desire to go through the healing forgiveness process. 

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. 

God bless, 


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