ICC- I wouldn’t be the same missionary without it!

Hello Prayer Team!

It’s incredible to think that five weeks have already gone by, and that the Intercultural Communications Course in North Carolina is over. Today I am flying back to Seattle to begin the process of packing up and saying farewell to my friends and family all along the Pacific. These five weeks have been an incredible season of growth for me. I am grateful to God and to my organization for the chance to come here.

Here are my updates:


  • For an intense, exciting, and blessed trip to Myrtle Beach for sharing about Bible Translation at Trinity Church. Satan threw many curveballs, but God was victorious every time.
  • For the successful completion of ICC. The 2:1 student-teacher ratio means that I received a lot of feedback that was relevant to me and my assignment. The instructors were dedicated to their task, and used progressive teaching methods. (Thank you ICC!)
  • For new skills and experience gained at the 4×4 Driving and Motorcycle Course this week.
  • For an improved itinerary for my “Farewell Tour” that includes more stops and sufficient time for rest.
  • For lead translator Edmin’s successful completion of his intensive seminary course in Lima. “It’s good to be home again,” he says.
  • I hear my passport has arrived!

Prayer Requests:

  • For a productive time resting (this weekend) and then packing in the coming weeks!
  • For good planning as I prepare for my many farewell trips and my May 15th move date.
  • I posted this last month, and it’s something I find I still struggle with:
    • One of my personality strengths is attention to detail, but I find that this can sometimes lead to over-analysis and even being overly self-critical. Please pray that I would have discernment in this area
    • Please pray that I would not forget God’s grace and peace, and that I would “hold every thought captive” (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Thanks for all of your prayers! How can I pray for you?

God bless,


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