It’s Happening!!!

  • Greetings from SeaTac Airport!

Praise! All my bags are packed and I am in the plane, ready to go. Praise also for an amazing Alaska rep who got me through security when a delay made it look like I might miss my flight.

Praise! For wonderful time with family yesterday.

Please pray:

  • For my health, as it appears I already have a stomach bug!
  • For clear passage through customs and immigration. I’m carrying more than the usual traveler!

After today (Thursday), please pray for continued recovery and a great start to the relationships with all of my colleagues in Lima. I will be there until about June 4th, Lord willing, and then going to Huánuco.

I anticipate having time to finally get a newsletter out next week! Thanks for your patience in that regard.

After over ten years of preparation, it’s incredible to think that it’s finally happening! I couldn’t do this without you all. Thank you.

How can I be praying for you?

God bless you,


4 thoughts on “It’s Happening!!!”

  1. I made it! My connection in Los Angeles and customs and immigration all went without a hitch. Today has been a great day of rest, and the stomach bug is gone too. Thanks so much for praying!

  2. Praying for healing in your ankle and smooth transitions as you make your new home. May God spark light in all your conversations and dealings.

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