Off to a good start!

Hello family and friends, partners in ministry,

Thank you so much for your prayers!

Praise items:

  • I have gained a few new partners these past couple weeks! Praise God for open hearts.
  • The board of my home church made a significant pledge that has taken me a big step towards full funding! It is inspiring to see their partnership commitment as they walk in faith, going beyond what seems easy or possible. THANK YOU Mountain Creek!
  • Clear and accessible Scripture in my mother tongue, which has helped me overcome some anxiety these past weeks.

Please pay for:

  • Inner peace as I approach other churches with an invitation to become involved in God’s work of Bible Translation.
  • The ability to prioritize in the midst of the many details, as I work to accomplish my goals and responsibilities.
  • More hearts to be open to partnership in my Wycliffe ministry.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

I am enjoying this process of catching up with so many of you and sharing about what God is preparing to do through me in Peru. I can’t wait to be updating you from the field, hopefully this fall! It will be a very different set of prayer requests, I am sure.

God bless,


1 thought on “Off to a good start!”

  1. So glad the Church is helping to fund you. This is my day to pray for you. I am praying for your requests.
    Had a great service this morning and such beautiful weather.
    Praying God will open doors as they need to be.

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