Planning my first workshop, amidst computer woes

Dear prayer team,

Thank you so much for your prayers!


  • I was able to get a newsletter out! Not quite by when I had hoped, but it’s done nonetheless. I am glad that I had it done and scheduled to send just before my hard-drive failure (see below).
  • Several people from three different local Bible translation organizations have already signed up for my workshop on Monday! I will be teaching them some tools to distribute digital Scripture media. This will be especially helpful for the November Bible dedication, when I’ll be away in the States. 

Please pray for me. My levels of stress and anxiety increased significantly last week. This is due to:

  • The renewal process for a government document I need before leaving Peru
  • My pending trip to the States, and the preparations required
  • Planning and executing my first workshop (on Monday and Tuesday)
  • My hard drive failing last week. Fortunately, all my data was backed up, and my computer can still run okay on its other disk. But I am having great difficulty getting my backed-up data back down from the cloud. It is hard to plan a workshop centered around technology when my primary tool (my computer) is compromised. I have the most crucial files, and will wait until Wednesday to resume data download attempts.
  • Navigating some cultural relational challenges

Please pray that God would clear obstacles and give me peace and wisdom in these matters. Please also pray that he would make it clear when and who I should go to for help when needed.

Thank you so much! You mean the world to me. Looking forward to seeing many of you soon, 


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  1. Prayed for your felt needs. Grateful for the work you’ve accomplished, and happy for the “muscles” you’re building with every challenge you meet.

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