Please Pray for Study Week

Hello Friends and Family,

Previously I shared that I might have been getting sick. Indeed, I did get a bit sick. But I am now largely over it! Thank you for your prayers.

As for Study Week, I’m off to a rough start.

Here are some prayer requests:

  1. While I’m largely recovered from my illness, long hours at the computer last week hurt my right wrist. Fortunately, I am left-handed, so by switching the mouse to my left hand, my right is able to rest without too much trouble. Yet my left is not accustomed to mouse-work, and already might be getting sore. I just need to stay off the computer! However, that has been complicated by today’s slip-up:
  2. Forgetting to sync a file properly corrupted a project database, necessitating IT troubleshooting and remote assistance. We’ll likely need to role back the project to a backup copy, loosing a small bit of work but hopefully restoring access to the database for everyone on the team! My. It’s taken a big portion of the day and is still a work in progress. Fortunately, there is no imminent deadline that this butting up against, nor is it likely that any more than a relatively small amount of work will be lost. Nothing that can’t be redone in about an hour’s time. It just takes a lot of people some time to fix and I feel bad for causing issues.
  3. Yesterday (Sunday) I felt like I was under a bit of demonic attack. I have been attacked before, and recognized the symptoms: self-criticism, recalling sad memories, and a general sinking feeling. I also recognized that this week would be an opportune time for the attack- a lot of unstructured time -used well- could be a huge boon to my semester, or -used poorly- a huge discouragement to my ego. Satan wants to discourage.

So, please pray:

  1. That I would have full recovery from illness and injury, and that God would help me find help for ergonomic adjustment if needed.
  2. For patience, self-grace, and a collected mind for myself when it comes to the computer issues. Prayer that those helping me would be able to fix the database without too much trouble.
  3. For an agile mind to recognize Satan’s attacks, and God’s strength, guidance, and protection to fight them off. Praise, also, that I feel better today than yesterday.


  • That I would know what assignments and tasks to focus on in the five days I have left.
  • That I would find an efficient way to structure my time in the five days I have left.

Fortunately, I have been able to talk with a couple of good friends the past couple of days. They have been a huge encouragement to me.

I also hope to write and send off a newsletter this week, after my wrists have a chance to rest. It has been nine months since my last newsletter. In a perfect world, that would be about six months too many!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

God bless,



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