Prayers for belief, for translation

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Hey there prayer team,

How are things? I have a couple of requests for you, real quick:

I just got word that my grandfather, who is not a believer, is starting to look into the faith. He’s looked into it before, but has never made a decisive decision. Please pray that he would have the courage to respond to the evidence as presented in The Case for Christ movie and book that he’s getting into.

This week on Tuesday the 19th and Wednesday the 20th, representatives from the partner organization will be meeting with the entire translation team to talk about funding some of the project costs for the next few years. Please pray for us today as we edit the complicated translation schedule, and as well as Tuesday and Wednesday, that we would have great communication and be of one accord.

Also, I think I may be starting to fight a cold.
Thanks so much! You mean the world to me.

God bless,


3 thoughts on “Prayers for belief, for translation”

  1. The first day of meetings went great! I was deeply impacted by the many testimonies that my colleagues shared about how their New Testament translation is impacting their communities. Now, we are talking about the plan to get the rest of the Panao Quechua Bible into the peoples’ hands and hearts. Thanks so much for praying everyone!

  2. (English below) Gracias a Dios por unas reuniones maravillosas entre JAWCA, SIL, y Wycliffe. Verdaderamente no hay sustituto por estar juntos en el mismo lugar.

    Por favor oyen por la pareja Williams y por Jennifer Ortiz. Viajan mañana Jueves por día en bus a Lima, y hemos recibido mensajes alertándonos de tiempo severo durante los próximos días.

    ¡Muchas gracias pues sus oraciones!

    Thanks be to God for some wonderful meetings with JAWCA, SIL, and Wycliffe. Truly, there is no substitute for being all together in one room!

    Please pray for the Williams couple and for Jenniffer Ortiz, who are taking a bus to Lima tomorrow morning. We just received notifications alerting us to severe weather during the coming days, increasing the risk of landslides.

    Thanks so much for your prayers!

  3. ¡Ya han llegado Jenniffer y los Williams a Lima! Muchas gracias por sus oraciones. Jenniffer and the Williams have made it to Lima! Thanks so much for praying.

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