Remembering Robert

Hello partners in prayer,

Thank you for your prayers!

This week has been a time for reflection, as my dear friend Robert Reed passed away in home hospice on Saturday the 24th. He lived 85 years, 3 months, and 15 days. Robert modeled for me what it means to be a man of humility and prayer. A very frugal man, he left the heat off in the winter, and wore clothes until they were threadbare. But he was also a very generous man, and very mission-minded. He partnered with many missionaries over the years, including myself. Not only did he play a huge role in getting me through my Bible-translation training, he also prayed for me daily for the last 2000-some days of his life. Most of all, I will miss praying with him and sharing meals with him. Thank you, Lord, for Robert’s friendship and example. Thank you for receiving him into your arms.

In my last update I requested prayer for my time with Parkview Christian Church in Boise. I am incredibly blessed to have had the chance to share at three Sunday school classes, a youth group, and a men’s coffee meeting! I also got to know the PCC pastors over lunch. By the grace of God, they have invited me back to share during the service on the 16th! Wow, what open arms! Last week went well, and I’m excited to go back.

I also have some opportunities while home. Please pray for me as I prepare to update my home church Mountain Creek this coming Sunday, and as I prepare to preach on August 20th.

Thank you also for praying for my planning skills and my allergy situation. My allergies are once again under control, and it appears I have found a couple of new medications that work well. My planning skills are still improving- please continue to pray for me in that regard.

In the past week I battled some feelings of discouragement as I dealt with spiritual warfare, but, thanks be to God! I have his Word in my heart language. Reading the Scriptures reminded me of God’s love, power, and protection. Please pray for the 160 million people who don’t have even one verse in their heart language, and the hundreds of millions that don’t have access to the Scripture passages they need for impact and transformation.

Please also pray for the family of Robert Reed and the others that knew him, that they would be comforted as they mourn.

How can I be praying for you? Please let me know.

Thanks so much, and God bless,


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