The winds gather speed

Hi everyone, 
Praise God I was able to finish my book, finally, last night! And today was the last of five class sessions.

I have to do ten involved assignments, a significant reading report, and the term essay to finish the course. Ideally, I will do all of this before Monday the 15th, when muy other classes start. It is a tall order! Please pray for focus, alertness, and an an agile mind.

Even with this, I am going to take advantage of an opportunity to go hiking tomorrow Saturday. It will be good to get some exercise in and connect with other students. 

I made a chance connection with someone at the school who told me that her relatives will be coming to CanIL in the fall. What makes them stand out to me is the fact that they work with a Zapotec language in Mexico. Please pray for their preparations, and that it may help me connect more closely with those in Latin America. 

Thank you and God bless, 


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