Travels Tomorrow and Beyond

Dear Prayer Team,

Thank you for your prayers!


  • For new work experiences in the village, and for an idea for a potential language tutor there.
  • For good community

Prayer points: (Same as in the last post, as they are still relevant)

  • For a visit to a neighboring city to spend time with some colleagues. I will be mixing some rest with mentorship and talking about digital Scripture engagement strategies in the Americas. Please pray for safe travels, productivity, and balancing work with rest.
  • For the team’s application to the partner organization for project funding. Please pray that the partner organization would have wisdom as they consider the application.
  • For my planning of my first visit back to the States. This is new territory, and there are a lot of logistics to work out! For example, travel dates, speaking dates, where I’ll live, and how I’ll get around.

How can I pray for you?

Thanks so much, and God bless,


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