Truck is back! Things wrapping up nicely…

Hello family and friends,

In Friday’s newsletter I requested prayer for my truck’s repair bill. Not only did the mechanic keep the bill way under budget, but he also got it done really quickly! This has been a large blessing. Thank you for your prayers.

In regards to my Peru visit funding, I just last night received a donation from some friends! The generosity of this couple even in the midst of many major life and career transitions really humbles me. Their many words of affirmation and encouragement have also been of great encouragement . I give thanks to God for this couple and many others like them.

In addition to the other praise and prayer items linked to above, please pray that my packing and move back to Seattle would go smoothly. (I move tomorrow Monday!!! =O ).

Now, I’m looking forward to my last church service at Crossway Church…

God bless,


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