Two Interviews Completed; Two Assignments In The Making

Thank you everyone for your prayers for my interviews today. They both went well, and one went really well! I have often wondered why God gave me both an analytical side and an artistic side, as at times they have seemed like an odd pair. But today I got the notion that perhaps it was for these very opportunities which I am hearing of: to do both translation work and Scripture Engagement simultaneously. This gets me really excited! I will keep you updated on this regard.

In other news, I have a presentation on Friday on which I have only just begun, and a the Hebrew word study paper which is due on Monday. (I have chosen the word םימש, which translated is variably “heaven,” “heavens,” or “sky,” depending on the context.) I am fairly crunched for time, as the saying goes, and “covet” your prayers for focus and freedom from obstacles.

Thanks so much!

God bless,


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