Weaving Stories Into the Fabric of Our Lives

Dear friends, family, my partners in ministry,

Thank you for your prayers! My stay in Orlando was a wonderful time of learning and fellowship with people of all trades working in unison to further the Bible translation task. It really does take a team!

Last Friday I left warm, sunny Orlando. This past Friday as I drafted this update, it was snowing in Langley, BC! In one week I went from warm walks in the sun to snowball fights with friends.

Yesterday I arrived to North Carolina for a “Storyweavers” workshop, which is about how to integrate “your story, my story, and God’s story” into conversations that convey the Gospel.

Here are my praises:

  • The testimony I shared in front of the Wycliffe staff at headquarters and online went really well! I am grateful to have had plenty of practice- many people shared they were impacted by my story.
  • Grateful for safe travels from Seattle, WA to Quincy, WA, and back in the same day. I had a wonderful time celebrating the life of my great uncle with some distant relatives I hadn’t met before.
  • New prayer and financial partners in my Wycliffe ministry, and new people interested the ministry.
  • Safe travels to Rivendell Retreat Centre in Canada, and a meaningful time “on holiday* with God.”

Here is an updated prayer request list from my last post:

  • Please pray that the Storyweavers workshop in North Carolina would be a time of learning for me and the others, as we learn how to more effectively share the hope we have in Christ. I am feeling quite fatigued from all my travels, and I need strength to make the most of this time.
  • Please also pray for the facilitator, Elenore Beach as she prepares and teaches.
  • Please pray for a bizarre technical problem affecting this website. It’s a serious issue and I’m starting to suspect God may have deeper purposes for what started out as a mistake. Three different parties are involved.
  • Please pray I would be able to apply what I learned at Wycliffe new member training as I begin the partnership development process.
  • Please pray that I would be able to maintain a Christ-like attitude for my trip home to Seattle on the 14th. The flights are early, and the two layovers are very short.

Thank you so much!

God bless,


*Side note: the word “holiday” is derived from the words “holy day” which, over time, got contracted. This adds refreshing meaning to the greeting, “Have a good holiday!”

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